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We can make your eventing dreams come true with our standard and bespoke decor packages.

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Our floral decor design is quickly becoming a sought after service. We are super passionate about our creations and we think it shows. Bright bouquets, extravagant table centerpieces, delicate succulent arrangements – imagination is the only limit.

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From tasteful props, to exquisite greenery and vintage ornaments, we’re experts at setting the scene. Share your idea with us and we’ll turn it into a reality with the greatest of care and the utmost attention to detail.


Let us be your partners in sculpting your themed evening, graduation dinner or wedding into a truly memorable occasion.


Commission the distinctive, verdant design of the Living Room for your very own space! Our crack team of event styling gurus is eager to transform any setting into the stuff of dreams.

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Our ethos

Born from a love of plants, natural materials, and the way humans respond to the design of spaces, we set out to create well designed spaces and solve urban design solutions.

As a team of interior & landscape architects, craftsmen and plant artists, our design solutions are turnkey and one-of-a kind. Our urban- boho renovation of a Joburg downtown rooftop into the iconic event venue and café Living Room, is our “growing” showroom of our range of design and manufacturing expertise. 

We modeled our business on a natural eco system, whereby our international cafe culture exposes the social impact of urban design and the beneficial effects of plants in the build environment. Our social projects focus on inner city gardens, public spaces and permaculture.


From our passion for natural materials & quality workmanship our style of experiential design bloomed into a team who can offer the following services:

  • Design & Space Planning (interior and landscape, retail and restaurant)

  • Custom Furniture Production

  • Vertical Gardens

  • Event Décor (onsite & offsite)



A growing eco-trend and one of our foremost passions is the creation of spectacular, sprawling green walls. We’ve developed a technique that results in neat, long lasting and waterproof installations. Green up your space with a variety of vertical garden solutions, custom made for your setting. Hire our walls for your events or buy our standard size mobile unit. We offer other unique urban planting solutions – from clustered wall pots, moss frames and custom planter designs.